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2 years ago

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This story happened a few years ago and is 100 % true !. At the time I was 42 and married Mike (mine and his second marriage) two years ago. We lived together with Mike's son, Jason, 18 most of the weekend was the friend of Jason Conner come and spend their time at home, before moving to the city. Over time I used " forward" for all conner next, because he was always very friendly and honest if sometimes flirt with lolastube me, my stomach that these " feelings" in me. For a child of 19 lolastube years with beautiful blue eyes fit and stood over 6 feet tall. he also had girls go smoothly Jason. on a Saturday lolastube night, Mike, my husband was fishing trip and met with Jason and Conner up point, the city was shaving her filling the air. They told themselves that their goodbys and gone. Around 12 I went to bed and started with the vibrator on my sexual frustration and facilitate calls, which had accumulated after which I fell asleep. I was awakened by my sleep shock and lolastube noise floor. i my robe and went downstairs. Jason was completely bladdered and dropped into the chair, Conner said he had fought for him at home cos he was so drunk. Jason broke up with him to enter a state and then tried went to bed after several failed attempts, sometimes in my bathrobe in all kinds of states, we decided to him on the couch. I brought a blanket and a pillow and then he go apoligied conner. said it was fine, I told him he could sleep in bed with Jason, and we changed the light and the two went together. When forced to land Conner said tonight that it was worth it just to see me in my silk nightgown, told him it was a cheeky git, but thanked him for the compliment. he asked, then I saw in my nightgown, before going to bed ( I still had my dress at this time) my nipples immediately reacted to his sentence and was erected, was almost inside my room, when he asked again. He said it was not a pretty sight, but said I want to be able to assess and was at the door of my bedroom. I took my clothes and stood in my Seidenslip my nipples, obviously, the eyes of Conners. He said many beautiful things, and that Mike was a very lucky man etc , then I found my dildo in my bedside table, the previous ID is used, I felt embarressed if Mike died not an attractive woman holding as I was happy when one lolastube of these things have to ask? is confident that the man came up to me and I felt my chest, felt after the other and told me what a sexy woman before he kissed me. N a few seconds of contact reacts yei passionatly kissed before I knew they were both naked in bed with lolastube my pussy licking sticky Conner, Fely God is amazing, his breathing and his tongue in me. Very soon brought me a great orgasm, and I had everything I cud not lolastube the cry of the house down. Since I started breathing conner slipped at me lolastube and started to fuck me like a wild bull. he fucked me lolastube so hard that pain over the next week. The pussy filled much of his hot liquid I thought it was for me the flood. that shit until it was light and then left before he woke Jason never repeats itself, and a year later, Conner left the area. was an amazing, but very risky experience, but definitely worth it!

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